How i went about planning my Italy trip!

15 days in Italy – Venice, Florence, Naples & Rome. Quite a trip.

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I had the luxury of time to plan for the trip. 8-9 months to plan before stepping on the plane.

How i plan:

1. Typically, i start by deciding the country/location that i would like to the travel for the year. A travel destination would be one which allows me to travel out/around the region or neighbouring country. Interests would be subjective to individual. I like a mixed of outskirts, urban city, sand/sea and of course interesting architecture/culture/historical sites. Italy meets the criteria.

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2. Look out for cheap airtix. Promotional airfare starts in every Jan/Feb. Usually, these fares have a short promotional period. Good to buy and plan early. Giving bosses ample time for a long vacation.


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3. Duration in each cities. This is where the real planning begins. Tripadvisor and Youtube are great source of inspiration and many know hows. To get a sense of the interest level in each cities best use Youtube. Many travel guides/blogs out there. You’ll be amazed of the amount of information posted in Youtube. Do use They have many interesting tours which saves you time searching on your own. Reviews/ratings posted are quite accurate.

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4. Train/domestic air tickets. Like the international flight, if you can get them early do so. Unfortunately, you can only get Italian train tix 3-4 months in advance but you can use current dates as a gauge for own planning.


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5. Accommodation. Thank God for Airbnb… It has made budget traveler like myself a lot cheaper. I was spoilt for choices, many to choose from. Where to begin? Which area to pick? Tripadvisor. Read the postings in the forum. Good advice, feedbacks from fellow traveler and locals.

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