Solo Traveler Survival Kit

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Travel Insurance

One must not forget when traveling alone is to get yourself insured. I would go budget with my accommodations and food, but never save on a travel insurance. A comprehensive coverage is essential before embarking on the journey.

With everything online these days and age getting one is only a click away. The best part is you can get yourself instantly covered at click of a button.

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Mobile Wifi

Planning to get a local data plan when traveling? Hate the hassle of switching the SIM card and lose your home country SIM card? Yep, i’ve been there done that. Hate it.

Get a mobile wifi device. Depending on the number of travellers you have on the trip, a high-end mobile wifi allows up to 4-6 persons connect to the device at 4G speed. An entry level device is good for a solo traveler with 3G connection.

One thing to note, battery life span is short if you plan to use it constantly. Do get a power bank to power up the device on the go.

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Money money money…

I avoided changing a lot of foreign currency – used them for food and transport. I use credit card in malls and big ticket items. If you use contactless feature in your credit card be careful… Thieves are able to “steal”or “make transaction” within a close proximity. Watch the clip below


Get a RFID blocking bag/wallet which blocks out receiving radio frequency from any device.


The above advices may sound logical and simple but they usually overlooked. A note to myself.



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