Coffee Place in Georgetown

A trip to Penang is not complete without hanging out in the many coffee places in Georgetown. Sampling the cafe food and enjoying a good cup of coffee. And taking shelter from the blazing hot afternoon sun.

Sifting through the many recommendations found on the internet. I decided to visit 3 – ChinaHouse, Black Kettle and Mugshots. With ChinaHouse and Black Kettle located on beach street and Mugshots on Chulia street.

And i enjoy hanging out in a local coffee shop with a good cup of coffee and reading a book. Just be in the moment. Enjoying the scent of a freshly brewed coffee and buns. The interactions of the people. And the moving air from the ceiling fan and air-conditioning.

And before i blog this i chanced upon an article about wealth. What it means to accumulate wealth, and the definition of wealth/being rich in this new day and age – not possessing much and co-sharing with the many people who wanted a slice of the experience. A shared economy.

The new wealth defined in this article is the accumulated of experiences, and exploring the world.

Oh… By the way, i like Black Kettle out of the 3. I will definitely be back for their Maple cold brew coffee!




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