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Planning for my 2017 trips and i’m putting my research and thoughts together.

First trip, Phuket in March. From past experience, it will be dry, hot and lots of sunshine. Great time to work on that tan. This is going to be a cheap getaway but not willing to compromise quality especially when it comes to accommodation.

Flight: cheap budget promo flight bought 6 months ago  – checked

Hotel: i want to stay in Patong area. Initial booking (with free cancellation), Aspery. Cheap, very cheap… located at one end of the Patong beach. Walking distance to the shops, restaurants and mall for food and simple grocery shopping. 5 min away from the beach. However, decided to go with Hyatt Place. A new brand under the group of Hyatt Hotels catering for budget traveler.

From the photos and reviews it fits in my budget and criteria – simple, modern contemporary hotel with a pool. Hyatt Place comes with basic gym setup which is a bonus for me. Downside with Hyatt Place is its location, it’s 20 min walk from all the shops and restaurant though they provide a bus shuttle.

Hotel – checked

Activities? Been to Phi Phi island hop and Phang Nga bay & Koh Panyee. Wanted to travel out to Similan island but after reading the reviews i have second thoughts. The effort, time and money spend might not worth the trip. Found this site ( on a bunch of stuff you can do in Phuket other than the usual island hop. I might plan an activity or 2 as suggested. If not, chill by the pool or beach with books.

I have been a book by Ajahn Brahm, “Opening the door of your hearts” about seeking happiness in life and what it means.×600/5c1f1b66c565ae11252eeceb32a1e97b/o/p/opening_the_door_of_your_heart_0000000113__1.jpg

I have been really slow with my reading. It has been taking me months to finish this book. Not that i am in any hurry to finish it, i would like to take time out to read and ponder upon the stories/teachings in each of the stories. It helps me to reflect and understand myself what i want in life and seeking to achieve.

As i was buying a book as a farewell gift to my friend i chanced upon a book by Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Brahm’s teacher – “Everything arises, everything falls away”.

I have yet to start on this book and i am planning to do that when i am in Phuket.

2016 whizzed by too fast and now i’m already in the first quarter of 2017. Few things on my mind lately – career, travel, finances and fitness. Need to take time out to give some serious thoughts and planning.




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