Sad. No Gym during vacations

I started working out since university days. Lessons learnt over the years… It is not how heavy the weights I lifted or the number of sets completed. The key in getting the lean cut is diet.

By cutting down my daily sugar and salt in-take helped to bring my overall body fat content, which keeps me lean and getting the cut. Also eliminate all processed food. Personally, it wasn’t hard for me to reduce my sugar in-take – cakes, soda, etc. What’s hard is to eliminate carbs – rice. It’s a stable here. However, i managed to strike a balance by having more dishes and reducing the amount of rice on my plate.

The next key lesson in reducing body fat is increase protein in-take. There are many guides as to the amount of protein in-take one should have depending on one’s activity level. As for me, i kick start my day with my protein shake. Have a protein bar in the afternoon as a snack and down with another protein shake after an hour of cardio & weights workout. I’m not aiming to be big in a short period of time but… i have an idea weight which i’m aiming for – 80 kilos.

For a regular gym goer it is hard to go on a long vacation staying in a hostel/hotel with no gym facilities. I do compensate by doing more cardio – walking. I was amazed the number of steps clocked in a number when i’m on a vacation especially on a Europe. With the visits to churches, sites and exploring the cities i sure did walk a lot as compared to a beach holiday like Phuket, which i was there to chill… Thankfully, Hyatt Place has a good gym facilities from the pictures taken by others in tripadvisors. I’ll have to validate soon. Will keep posting.



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