Demystified the Transportation in Patong

Patong just opened their spanking new international airport. It is beautiful… Very spacious and bright as compared to the old one. And the A/C is strong. Verrry strong… a huge contrast from the heat when you step out from the airport.

First thing every traveler would look for when stepped out from the custom is data sim card. You’ll see the 3 main teleco in the airport with True having a huge presence. DTAC and AIS are just right next to each other. For an unlimited 3-4 days prepaid plan DTAC is the cheapest, 299 baht. Similar plan at a faster speed will cost you an additional 100 baht with True and AIS. Generally, i’m happy with DTAC during my stay.

There is no public bus from the airport to Patong, only airport to Phuket Town. For this info, i have no clue as my trip takes me to Patong. Now, there are 2 mini bus operators.

The one on the right is rather aggressive. A shared ride to Patong will set you back 180 baht and a private car, 800 baht.

I arrived Patong rather early – 9am and i was the first customer for the shared ride. For them to drive off they have to fill all the seats in the minibus which means i had to wait for other fellow passengers to buy their ride with the operator. If you do not have the luxury of time i would advise against shared rideĀ option.

Patong Public bus. It took me a while to figure out how to get from Patong to Phuket Town by bus. After watching a couple of YouTube, did some search, a couple of walks and asking the locals I kinda figured it all out.

Patong bus stop is located along Patong beach, opposite Absolute Sea Pearl Resort.

30 baht one way and there are no visible bus stops along the way, just indicate to the bus conductor or press the “bell” a rubber strip located at the ceiling of the bus. You also can catch this bus to Central Festival mall which is along the same route to Phuket Town.

And to catch the return trip, the bus stop is located along Ranong road. As mentioned, this is not a comprehensive guide to the Public bus system in Phuket, but it gives you an idea how the buses look like and how to go about looking for a similar ride to other parts of Phuket.


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