After doing a couple of weeks of research on the internet through Youtube channels and reading blogs and travel guides. Here’s my itinerary…

Museums hopping

I landed Paris at 6am in the morning. After clearing the custom and collected my luggage I left the airport at about 7:30am which is according to plan. And the Train ride from the airport to the Saint-Michel Notre-Dame took about 45min, I was at my hotel at about 8:30am. Perfect! That gives me ample time to start using my 2 days Paris museum pass.

This pass gives you unlimited access to all the major museums in Paris including Versailles. You can buy them online and get them to mail it to you (at a cost) or at the airport, which opens at 7:30am.


First stop, Louvre museum. This museum is HUGE… Honestly, to really appreciate all the art work and taking leisure time to view will take about 2 days. I’m not kidding. The place is massive and the art works and exhibits span across 4 or 5 floors. The size of each floor is about a few football fields! They have a great collections of art work from the different period, sculptures and Egyptian artifacts. For the art lovers this is a place which you have to go. Not forgetting the famous Mona Lisa painting resides here.


Musée d’Orsay

Before it became a museum it used to be a train station. Constructed just in time for the Paris exposition in the 1900 to bring visitors to the city. However, the soot from the trains polluted the city and the surrounding area. It was too costly to clean and maintain the civic center. The train station was subsequently close down and left abandon for a long period of time before it reopened in 1986.

Musée d’Orsay holds mainly French artists, so if you are fan of Monet, Renoir and Gauguin then you’re in the right museum.

Walking those 2 museums took a beating of me. Not forgetting the jet-lagged from the 13 hours flight from Asia took a toll out of me. I was flat out by 3pm. Time to head back to the hotel to check-in and rest.


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