Finding toilets in Europe is such a pain!

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For those who have been to Europe you would know that finding a toilet in Europe is a pain! Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and the Netherlands… You have to pay to use one.

So, where can you find toilets? Are are some places where you find free toilets…



Museums and tourist attractions. Typically, these places have toilets. Before you leave do pay a visit to their restrooms. You never know when you’ll come across one along the way.

Malls. Major shopping centers do have toilets. You’re safe if you do spotted one.

Cafes. Most cafes in Europe do have toilets. So, take a break and enjoy your cup of coffee and croissant before you take a leak. Most cafes would require you to buy something before you use their bathroom.

Starbucks. Thank god for international brands… All Starbucks i came across in Europe do have one. And usually the staff do not ask.

MacDonald’s. From my experience, you don’t have to pay to use with the exception for Amsterdam. That’s the only time that i have to pay to use their toilet. If i remember correctly, it was 70 cents euro.

Do you know you can use google map and search for the nearest Starbucks? Just type Starbucks in the search bar and google map will return all Starbucks’ location which are close to you. A very handy feature.


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