Cathay Pacific Lounge

Cathay Pacific Lounge in Bangkok International Airport

The look and feel of Cathay Pacific is very consistent – sleek, modern contemporary design. Many soft touches like the lighting, decor and colour theme are very inviting even the layout of the bar, reading, lounges sections are well thought out and designed. As you can see from the one in Bangkok it is spacious ample space to chill and private cubicles to work.


Cathay Pacific Lounge, The Wing in Hong Kong International Airport 

The Wing business lounge in Hong Kong International Airport is huge. It occupies 2 floors in the complex. Private working area, chill lounge and shower rooms on level one, noodle bar, buffet spread and cafe on level two. Decor in each area has its own theme


Leather sofa seats with marble coffee table at the chill lounge area


Full length glass panel to separate each working cubicle


Lux bathroom accessories and finishing in the shower room. It gives you the lux hotel bathroom feel. A quick freshen up before catching the next leg of the flight


A handsome stairs to level two


And you are invited to more comfy leather sofa seats and a buffet spread on the left awaits you


Chic Asian minimalistic decor at the noodle bar area. A zen ambience to finish that bowl of piping hot soup


Sweet treats and a freshly brewed coffee at the cafe area. Much needed perk-me-up.

I seriously will consider Cathay when flying to US. Great lounge is hard to come by especially when travel on a long-haul flight. A warm shower, hot soup and comfy seats do make a lot of difference.



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