MRT to Chatuchak Weekend Market – Bangkok

MRT to Chatuchak, weekend market

In my previous blog I documented the steps to get to Chatuchak by BTS, which is a quicker route to get there. Though MRT is longer route, it has some advantages over BTS. I will explain them here.

BTS map

The station to get off which brings you right into the heart of the market is not Chatuchak Park, it is the station after that, Kamphaeng Phet. If you alight at Chatuchak Park station it will bring you to the park as shown in my video in the previous blog.

MRT to Chatuchak

After you alighted from the train look for exit 2 in the station.

Once you exited from the station you will be right smack in the clothings section. In here you’ll find many local designers and many quirky stalls all nicely decorated.

Exit 2

In addition, there are self service storage area next to the exit of the MRT station which is ideal if you plan to shop a lot and not wanting to bring your nick-nacks along with you when you continue to shop. There is even a courier service located here for all the bulky items planning to ship home.

As mentioned, exit from the MRT station will lead you to the clothing stalls and many installed air-conditioning which brings some relieve from the sweltering heat. Overall, this area has a nice artsy vibe. Loved it.


If you want to know how to get to Chatuchak by BTS click here. Happy shopping!


BTS to Chatuchak, Weekend Market – Bangkok

BTS to Chatuchak, weekend market

Chatuchak, or the weekend market, occupies a massive 36 acre of land which is approximately 88 football fields! And there are about 3000 stalls in this compound ranging from clothes, pet animal, food stalls, household items to oil paintings.

This area comes to live every weekend where throngs of visitors both local and tourists would visit to get the best bargains.

Other than taking a taxi there are 2 options to get there, MRT (blue line) or BTS (light green line). Comparing both BTS is a quicker option to get there as it cuts through all the landmarks.

BTS to Chatuchak

The closest station to the market is Mochit. From the station it is a 5 minutes walk to the market.

Once you get off from the station platform look for the sign which directs you to Chatuchak and it should take you to exit 1.

Exit 1 to Chatuchak market

Once you take exit 1 you will see the steps which brings you to the ground level.

At the bottom of the steps there is an opening to a park, walk right in because it is a less crowded route to the market.

Once you step into the compound you’ll be greeted with rows and rows of stalls selling nick-nacks. I’ll leave you with pictures of what you can expect. If you interested to get there by MRT click on this link.

Eat your way to happiness

Seriously, who doesn’t like Thai food. Sweet, sour and spicy hot especially on a rainy day with a bowl of Tom Yum.

Bangkok offers more than the typical Pad Thai and Tom Yum. From the street food on the weekend market to fine dining. Many hidden treasures for the foodies in this land of smiles.

Chatuchak (or JJ) Market

A massive market compromises 15,000 stalls selling old and new clothes, home accessories, pets, antiques and of course food stalls.

Chicken paella in this last pic tasted so… good… The rice is moist and flavorful. Each grain coated with broth and spices cooked in a large wok. And the chicken was nicely done, not too dry – still tender and juicy. Judging by the queue I’m sure this is one of the favourites among the tourists and Thais a like. A plate of this delicious yummy paella costs 160 baht. Very affordable. Good to fill my tummy but still have room for more small bites.


Pop-up Night Market

Night markets are like fashion shops in Bangkok! They have pop-ups!

As I was exploring the malls in the Shopping Belt I chanced upon a pop-up night market on the ground floor of MBK.

There were bar counter seats and a common dining area setup. A smaller establishment as compared to a full-fledged night market – Rot Fai night market, but it gives you a snippet of what a typical night market offers. Do keep your eyes peeled when you’re on a shopping hunt.


EmQuartier – Cafe D’Ark

D’Ark’s coffee was good. A much needed caffeine fix to kick start my day. I also ordered a club sandwich for lunch. Glad I did. The toasted were neatly stacked with hard boiled eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, lettuce and drizzled with some in-house sauce. Served with chips and some greens. A hearty meal indeed.

Overall, I was very happy with my meal and their service was prompt. The place was packed but they turn around fast. I’ll definitely be back to try their other items.

What not to be missed in EmQuartier is their lush greenery. The garden is located on the 7th floor in the same building. A nice walk after a good meal.

In the basement of the mall there are many small eateries and food court. You can also find restaurants, supermarket, pharmacy and Japanese bakery.


Vietnamese – Winner House Vietnamese Cuisine

For some strange reason I had a craving for Vietnamese food when I was in Bangkok and a friend recommended Winner House Vietnamese Cuisine. This restaurant started off as a small shop in the neighbourhood and it grew into a chain. A believe they have a few outlets across the city.

Out of the 4 dishes ordered my favourite is the crystal meat wrap. There were minced meat, chopped vegetables, mushrooms and shrimp in each crystal wrap. And you eat it with a special sauce which comes with the dish.

Next most interesting dish is the crispy paper thin egg wrap with minced pork, shrimp and bean sprout. I never had this when I was in Vietnam and so I never associate wrap to Vietnamese food, more of an Indian cuisine to me. Very interesting.

Isao – Japanese Fusion Sushi Bar

This sushi bar is fabulous! A must to try. If you do not have a plan for your evening and not in a hurry then I would recommend this restaurant. As you can see the number of people waiting in the first pic do not come to this place if you’re starving. It took me an hour to get a seat at the bar counter and another half an hour for my food to arrive but it was worth the wait. They have very interesting dishes, like, sushi sandwich and Jacky roll.


Karmakamet Diner

A very interesting shop/restaurant. The shop comprises of 2 section – perfumery/spa and restaurant. It was rather quiet when I was there, only a few diners in the restaurant and no one in the perfumery area. And I was left alone exploring.

Their essential oils were rather unique. Can’t really describe, a good mixed but definitely not your typical lemongrass, rose or jasmine. Not too floral and the scent lasts even after a dinner and a 2-hour movie.

Lastly the usuals… Pad Thai and Japanese… You can easily find them in any food court or mall.




Demystified the Transportation in Patong

Patong just opened their spanking new international airport. It is beautiful… Very spacious and bright as compared to the old one. And the A/C is strong. Verrry strong… a huge contrast from the heat when you step out from the airport.

First thing every traveler would look for when stepped out from the custom is data sim card. You’ll see the 3 main teleco in the airport with True having a huge presence. DTAC and AIS are just right next to each other. For an unlimited 3-4 days prepaid plan DTAC is the cheapest, 299 baht. Similar plan at a faster speed will cost you an additional 100 baht with True and AIS. Generally, i’m happy with DTAC during my stay.

There is no public bus from the airport to Patong, only airport to Phuket Town. For this info, i have no clue as my trip takes me to Patong. Now, there are 2 mini bus operators.

The one on the right is rather aggressive. A shared ride to Patong will set you back 180 baht and a private car, 800 baht.

I arrived Patong rather early – 9am and i was the first customer for the shared ride. For them to drive off they have to fill all the seats in the minibus which means i had to wait for other fellow passengers to buy their ride with the operator. If you do not have the luxury of time i would advise against shared ride option.

Patong Public bus. It took me a while to figure out how to get from Patong to Phuket Town by bus. After watching a couple of YouTube, did some search, a couple of walks and asking the locals I kinda figured it all out.

Patong bus stop is located along Patong beach, opposite Absolute Sea Pearl Resort.

30 baht one way and there are no visible bus stops along the way, just indicate to the bus conductor or press the “bell” a rubber strip located at the ceiling of the bus. You also can catch this bus to Central Festival mall which is along the same route to Phuket Town.

And to catch the return trip, the bus stop is located along Ranong road. As mentioned, this is not a comprehensive guide to the Public bus system in Phuket, but it gives you an idea how the buses look like and how to go about looking for a similar ride to other parts of Phuket.

Phang Nga Bay & Koh Panyee, Phuket

Island hopping – Phang Nga Bay and Koh Panyee. What’s so special about this tour as compared to Phi Phi islands? A lot more… Exploring caves, kayaking, swimming in the lagoon, exploring mangrove forest during low tide and visiting a floating village.

Tour starts early in the morning at about 7am which is good… Before the crowd starts coming to the area. Not only that it is the best time to explore the caves and mangrove forest before the tide starts coming up.

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Koh Panyee, a floating village started by a group of fishermen and their families. And they became famous after a group of local boys got into a soccer competition despite not having a soccer field. Their story was feature in a local tv commercial.


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This is the floating soccer field, an upgraded version!