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Pompeii & Mt Vesuvius

Southern Italy is known for it’s scenic coastal view, pizza and… historical site – ancient city of Pompeii. An ancient Roman city that was buried under volcanic ash when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 75 AD. It was later discovered in the 18th century with most of the things in the city intact! Touring of the south is incomplete without visiting this historical site. View this post on Instagram #pompeii #naples A post shared by @ iamj0n0k on Sep 19, 2015 at 4:27am PDT View this post on Instagram #pompeii #naples… Read more Pompeii & Mt Vesuvius

Sad. No Gym during vacations

I started working out since university days. Lessons learnt over the years… It is not how heavy the weights I lifted or the number of sets completed. The key in getting the lean cut is diet. View this post on Instagram Sunday = workout time! #gym #workout #sunday #cardio #weights #squats #beachpress #biceps #back #triceps #shoulders #nonstop A post shared by @ iamj0n0k on Mar 12, 2017 at 12:44am PST By cutting down my daily sugar and salt in-take helped to bring my overall body fat content, which keeps me… Read more Sad. No Gym during vacations

Penang – Graffiti Street Art

Went on a maiden trip to Penang. A former British colony and part of the British Straits Settlement. And that was how we got the term Straits Chinese to address the Babas and Nyonyas. It was an eventful 3 day trip. As usual, I wanted to see some arts/culture, venture around the urban setting and explore the nature if i do get the chance. Not forgetting exploring places that are off-the-beaten-track. GeorgeTown was listed as UNESCO world heritage in 2008 given the number of historical sites – temples, mansion, churches,… Read more Penang – Graffiti Street Art