What I think of United Polaris Lounge SFO

United Polaris SFO lounge is by far the biggest United lounge in America, spanning 2 floors with lots of food, drinks and amenities. It even has waitering services!



Located in the G concourse close to gate G92. Once you pass through the security checkpoint leading to the international G gates, take an immediate right turn.


Entrance of the lounge
Entrance of the lounge

You can only enter if you are on a long-haul United or Star Alliance flight flying on business or first class. Star Alliance Gold flying on economy or premium economy will use the United Club lounge. United Polaris has quite a few amenities, like a dining area where you proper restaurant service. Quiet suite to catch the snooze, shower suite to refreshen up before you catch the next leg of the flight, or get that pre-departure drink at their bar.

Overall, the lounge gave a corporate vibe. Decorated in their corporate colour – grey and blue, the lounge has rather a sombre mood.

Overall decor of the lounge is modern futuristic chic – brightly lit, decorated with shiny objects. You will be greeted with showers of drop lights hanging from the ceiling as you make your way up to the 2nd floor.

The bar
The bar



United is the only airline which has waitering service in its lounge. The Dining Room is located on level 2 overlooking the runway as you have your entrée and desserts. And if you do not have the luxury of time you can always go for their buffet spread which you will be spoilt for choices.

Three-egg omelet
Three-egg omelet


Plentiful of comfy seats in various configurations.

Shower suite
Shower suite

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And if you would like to read my review on my recent flight from Bangkok to Newark on Cathay Pacific click here.

Cathay Pacific Flight

Cathay Pacific – Bangkok to Newark

Business Class on Cathay Pacific

My Cathay flight from Bangkok to Newark took me to Hong Kong where I had 2 hours stopover and had the opportunity to check out the Cathay business lounge, and I was impressed. You can read about my review on the Bangkok lounge and also the one in Hong Kong here.

Seating Configuration

Now here’s my review of Cathay’s seats and aircraft. I was on the business class which was 1-2-1 configuration. Every window seats has a view, full flat bed and ample leg room for someone who is 6 foot 3.

The seat comes with a arm rest which is collapsable to give you the additional space when it converts to a flat bed. And a small storage compartment next to the seat console.

More storage underneath the tray. Steps in front become footrest when seat reclines.

A welcome drink just before the flight takes off.

Inflight Dining

Shortly after the flight takes off we were served with dinner – mango scallops, bread and salad. Big, fat and juicy scallops served with mango sauce to kick start the meals onboard.

And for my 2nd meal, I opted for wok-fried prawns, black truffle, asparagus and mixed vegetables served with jasmine rice. It was simply delish…

After the main course we were served with freshly cut fruits.

A raspberry tart to end off the meal on a sweet note!

And if you interested what Cathay Pacific serves for their inflight dining you should check it out their menu here.

What I like my flight on Cathay Pacific is their lavatory. Unlike conventional ones, tiny and claustrophobic. Here you get a great view as you refreshen yourself up! Amazing view…

As the flight approaches Newark I realised the time onboard went by quickly. Indeed, seating configuration and the quality customer service do make a long haul flight a pleasant experience. Would I consider taking Cathay Pacific again? Yes, I would. However, their business class ticket does command a premium – serious consideration.

Cathay Pacific Lounge

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Lounge, The Wing

Cathay Pacific Lounge Review

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific Lounge, The Wing

Ranked #3 for its business lounge and #1 for first class in 2016 Skytrax’s airline lounge ranking Cathay Pacific is truly a premium airline.

Unlike the one in Bangkok, entrance of Cathay Pacific The Wing business lounge in Hong Kong International Airport uses marble. It occupies 2 floors in the complex.

First Level

On the ground level, the area is divided up into 4 areas. A common lounge where the buffet spread is meant for group chats, individual leather sofas, private working area each cubicle is separated with a full length glass. Lastly, all the toilets in the lounge come with rain shower. A quick freshen up before catching the next leg of the flight. And they use Aesop and Jurlique toiletries, nature skincare products.

Second Level

Right next to the entrance is a handsome flight of stairs to level two of the business lounge. With the high ceiling and open siting area, it feels very spacious and airy. Cathay Pacific uses black marble on its level two starting from the stairs to the entire flooring on the 2nd level. A general black-white marble and wood theme.

Chic Asian minimalistic decor – noodle bar area

Other than the usual open siting lounges and sofas you can find a noodle bar like the one in Bangkok, and a cafe tucked away at a corner. The noodle bar serves up local wanton noodle soaks in chicken broth or you can go for a nicely brewed coffee with cakes.

Overall, the feel of Cathay Pacific’s The Wing business lounge is less inviting as compared to the one in Bangkok. It lacks the small soft details and finishings, even though it is much bigger and offers more services. You can read more about the Bangkok’s lounge here.

After experiencing both Cathay Pacific’s Bangkok’s and Hong Kong’s I will seriously consider taking Cathay Pacific when flying to US. Good lounges are hard to come by and a great one is much needed especially when traveling on a long-haul flight. A warm shower, hot piping soup and comfy seats do make a huge difference.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Bangkok Review

Bangkok’s Cathay Pacific Lounge

Cathay Pacific Lounge Review

According to Skytrax Cathay Pacific lounge was ranked #3 for its business class and #1 for first class lounge in 2016. And I had the opportunity to visit the one in Bangkok and Hong Kong International Airport to check it out myself, and provide my personal review.

Bangkok’s Cathay Pacific Lounge 

Upon reaching the entrance of the lounge in Bangkok International Airport the overall look gives a lush, elegant and comfortable feel. Very soothing on the eyes.

Once stepped in you will be greeted by their friendly staff who will escort you in. The theme has been very consistent across the different sections in the lounge. The use of earthy tone colour scheme, well-mixed of hard and soft elements like low wall concrete wall partition, wooden dining area, leather sofa and fabric seats. And a balance use of Asian and modern furnishing in its decor – Vietnamese lamp, glass and wicker lamp shades. All these soft touches are well thought out and placed.

The lighting in Cathay Pacific lounge is just right. Unlike some of the airline lounges where you will be greeted with bright lights, here the room is well-lit accompanied by the natural light overlooking the runway. Individual lamps are placed in each seatings should you need an additional lighting.

There were ample seatings – leather sofas and comfy seats for group chats, individual seats overlooking runway and mini office desk with printer.

You will be spoilt with food choices in Cathay Pacific lounge! They have a breakfast, salad bar and a good selection of beverages. And for tea lover out there they served TWG tea! In additional, they have noodle bar serving a piping hot noodle.

Now, their toilet is simply lush. The basin area and floor are dry. Cleaners wipe up the area regularly. You do not have to worry of getting your sleeves or cuffs wet.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. A nice quiet oasis in a busy airport.

You can read my Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific lounge review here.