Eat Your Way to Happiness

This is a series of food blog which I have decided to document down on food places or restaurants I been while traveling. So, eat your way to happiness in Seoul, Korea.


If you are looking for a traditional Korean meal in the shopping area, Myeongdong, you’ve got to check out Jinsadaek. Tucked in a small lane in Myeongdong. The restaurant has an unassuming entrance, however once you’re up on the rooftop it was as if you were transported to another place – in a courtyard of a traditional Hanok house.

Each room in the “house” is a private dining area good for large group. Let me show you what they serve. Please note, i might have missed out a couple of dishes as i was busy enjoying my 14 course dinner.

Abalone porridge

Vermicelli with mixed vegetables

White kimchi


Steamed pork and spicy squids

Pan fried pork and spring onions with sesame


Oyster and sashimi

Beef Bulgogi

Fermented yellow corvina

They even had a singer dressed in traditional Korean dress, Hanbok, to entertain guests. A great way to end the night on a “high” note!


Eat your way to happiness

Seriously, who doesn’t like Thai food. Sweet, sour and spicy hot especially on a rainy day with a bowl of Tom Yum.

Bangkok offers more than the typical Pad Thai and Tom Yum. From the street food on the weekend market to fine dining. Many hidden treasures for the foodies in this land of smiles.

Chatuchak (or JJ) Market

A massive market compromises 15,000 stalls selling old and new clothes, home accessories, pets, antiques and of course food stalls.

Chicken paella in this last pic tasted so… good… The rice is moist and flavorful. Each grain coated with broth and spices cooked in a large wok. And the chicken was nicely done, not too dry – still tender and juicy. Judging by the queue I’m sure this is one of the favourites among the tourists and Thais a like. A plate of this delicious yummy paella costs 160 baht. Very affordable. Good to fill my tummy but still have room for more small bites.


Pop-up Night Market

Night markets are like fashion shops in Bangkok! They have pop-ups!

As I was exploring the malls in the Shopping Belt I chanced upon a pop-up night market on the ground floor of MBK.

There were bar counter seats and a common dining area setup. A smaller establishment as compared to a full-fledged night market – Rot Fai night market, but it gives you a snippet of what a typical night market offers. Do keep your eyes peeled when you’re on a shopping hunt.


EmQuartier – Cafe D’Ark

D’Ark’s coffee was good. A much needed caffeine fix to kick start my day. I also ordered a club sandwich for lunch. Glad I did. The toasted were neatly stacked with hard boiled eggs, sun-dried tomatoes, chicken, lettuce and drizzled with some in-house sauce. Served with chips and some greens. A hearty meal indeed.

Overall, I was very happy with my meal and their service was prompt. The place was packed but they turn around fast. I’ll definitely be back to try their other items.

What not to be missed in EmQuartier is their lush greenery. The garden is located on the 7th floor in the same building. A nice walk after a good meal.

In the basement of the mall there are many small eateries and food court. You can also find restaurants, supermarket, pharmacy and Japanese bakery.


Vietnamese – Winner House Vietnamese Cuisine

For some strange reason I had a craving for Vietnamese food when I was in Bangkok and a friend recommended Winner House Vietnamese Cuisine. This restaurant started off as a small shop in the neighbourhood and it grew into a chain. A believe they have a few outlets across the city.

Out of the 4 dishes ordered my favourite is the crystal meat wrap. There were minced meat, chopped vegetables, mushrooms and shrimp in each crystal wrap. And you eat it with a special sauce which comes with the dish.

Next most interesting dish is the crispy paper thin egg wrap with minced pork, shrimp and bean sprout. I never had this when I was in Vietnam and so I never associate wrap to Vietnamese food, more of an Indian cuisine to me. Very interesting.

Isao – Japanese Fusion Sushi Bar

This sushi bar is fabulous! A must to try. If you do not have a plan for your evening and not in a hurry then I would recommend this restaurant. As you can see the number of people waiting in the first pic do not come to this place if you’re starving. It took me an hour to get a seat at the bar counter and another half an hour for my food to arrive but it was worth the wait. They have very interesting dishes, like, sushi sandwich and Jacky roll.


Karmakamet Diner

A very interesting shop/restaurant. The shop comprises of 2 section – perfumery/spa and restaurant. It was rather quiet when I was there, only a few diners in the restaurant and no one in the perfumery area. And I was left alone exploring.

Their essential oils were rather unique. Can’t really describe, a good mixed but definitely not your typical lemongrass, rose or jasmine. Not too floral and the scent lasts even after a dinner and a 2-hour movie.

Lastly the usuals… Pad Thai and Japanese… You can easily find them in any food court or mall.