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Tag: graffiti

Spanish Quarters, Naples

Naples, the 3rd city in my 15 days Italy backpacking trip. Naples or Napoli in Italian sits on the southern part of Italy, a city with magnificent coastal view. The people there tend to speak louder and with more hands gesture as compared to Venice and Florence. First place which i explored in the city after dropping off my backpack is the Spanish Quarters or Quartieri Spagnoli in Italian. My host in Venice did advise me against wandering around in that area but i went ahead. View this post on… Read more Spanish Quarters, Naples

Penang – Graffiti Street Art

Went on a maiden trip to Penang. A former British colony and part of the British Straits Settlement. And that was how we got the term Straits Chinese to address the Babas and Nyonyas. It was an eventful 3 day trip. As usual, I wanted to see some arts/culture, venture around the urban setting and explore the nature if i do get the chance. Not forgetting exploring places that are off-the-beaten-track. GeorgeTown was listed as UNESCO world heritage in 2008 given the number of historical sites – temples, mansion, churches,… Read more Penang – Graffiti Street Art