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Flight guru, sharing tips and secrets in your quest for your next cheapest air-ticket. And guides to your flight seats. Read on to find out more.

Matrix – ITA software

Ever wonder what software travel agencies used for that airfare search? With internet you can now do that by yourself to determine which flight path gives you the quickest, cheapest, or least stopover flight to your travel destination. Try Matrix Airfare Search.

The website has simple intuitive search form. Just fill-in the basic search criteria and the site will generate a list of possible flight paths with the different airlines and price point.

Once determined the date range and airline, you will be able to see the details of your selection – booking code, breakdown of the airfare, tax and fees, including the fare rules and restrictions to the ticket. One thing to note, you cannot buy the tickets from the site. Matrix only provides you the flight options and details, tool for you to plan your flight. However, you can use this info to get your travel agent to match your finding.

Seat Guru

Gone are the days where airlines provide free seat selection to users at the point of buying their ticket. Unless you are the privilege few who are frequent flyers this option comes as an incentive. Fret not, use the seat guru to guide you on your next seat selection at the point of online/counter check-in.

Enter the airline, date and flight number Seat Guru will provide you the seat configuration, seat map as well as guides to the seats. Seats close to lavatories may not ideal for light sleepers, or seats without window might cause one to feel claustrophobic. A great nifty tool especially when you are on a long haul flight!


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Singapore Outlet Mall – Changi City Point

Last minute shopping before catching your flight out in Changi airport? Do check out Changi City Point mall for great bargains! The mall is located next to Expo MRT station, one station before hitting Changi.

Take the East-West line towards Pasir Ris-Changi, alight at Tanah Merah station and change to Changi line.

Drop-off at Expo station and you’ll see Changi City Point mall from the platform. Take the right exit when you leave the station.

Cross the traffic light once you’re out from the station. It’s that convenient!

Here are the brands found on the ground level…

More shops on 2nd level…

You can easily spend 2 – 3 hours here and if you’re hungry fret not there is a wide selection of restaurants and a food court in the mall to fuel you up. Items found in the outlet mall are at least 20-30% cheaper than those in the downtown. As you can see in the pix each shops has their own promotion/ bundle deals.

Happy shopping!




Wanderlust – Budget Traveler Tips

As a solo backpacker I am always on a lookout for the best travel deals, and i am constantly looking at ways how i can stretch my dollar or… looking for ways to channel my daily spendings to get airline miles.

Cheap air-tickets

1. Sign-up with the major airlines to get updates and promotional mails from them. Firstly, they are free (if you don’t mind receiving junk emails). And you get enrolled to their frequent flyer programme. Typically, at the beginning of each year airlines will blast out promotional flights to the major cities. The rationale for having such promotional deal is to up their passenger load factor, to gage how efficient they are to fill up seats and generate fare revenue. In short, it is a win-win situation. Passenger gets a cheaper rate and airline gets to make a better fare revenue forecast for the next coming months.

2. Skyscanner. A must have tool or pit-stop for every traveler when doing their travel plan. What this site/mobile app does is it searches all the available airline schedules according to the search criteria you key-in, and returns you the cheapest flight it could find. However, the cheapest available flight might not be the quickest way to get to your destination. I do use Skyscanner to help me narrow down my search for the airline which i am interested, but i do not make my reservations with Skyscanner. Why? That leads me to my next point.


Cashback Website

In where i’m from we have cashback website. What it does is the website i subscribed to pays a percentage of money earned when i purchase goods or services it affiliates to. With the help of Skyscanner that helps me to identify those airlines which the cashback website affiliates to and that translate a further savings! I also use the same method to make hostel bookings. First, using Expedia/Hotels.com/Bookings.com to do my search. Subsequently, go to Expedia/Hotels.com/Bookings.com (depending which is affiliated) via the cashback website to make my hostel bookings. Do not underestimate such chores, from the past experiences savings could come up in a couple of hundreds for a 10-15 days trip.


Free Guided Tour or Planned Itinerary?

Try Rick Steves’ Audio Europe (apple / android). It’s a free self-guided audio tour for most European cities. For other continent you might need to do a search. I’m sure there are similar free audio guide in the mobile apps space.

Alternatively, you can try Google Trips (apple / android) which covers the major cities. It provides a sample itinerary of sights or activities which you could do.


Google Map


Do you know you can download an offline copy of the google map to your phone? An offline copy comes in very handy when you arrived your holiday destination and the telco booth is not open for business. Click here for instructions to download. You should download and save all locations you plan to visit including your hotel/hostel location in your home country via wifi. That will save you all the hassle to search hostel/hotel location.


Google Drive

Save your travel itinerary online and you’ll never need a hardcopy. If you have a Gmail account, like me, it comes with a suite of Google services including Google drive. Google drive is a cloud services which you can save, upload and store your documents and photos online. And retrieve them as long you have access to internet and a computing device. Do consider to use Google drive when working on your travel itinerary it will save you a lot of hassle.